Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halftime = Blog Time

Hey everyone!

I hope your weekend was fun and/or relaxing. Mine was thankfully both! First and foremost, my sister, her husband, and their daughter Lady Lizzie are in town! We met up for a yummy breakfast, went to my brother-in-law's sister's baby shower, Andrew and I babysat Lizzie, went to Mass and brunch today, and they're going to visit me for lunch tomorrow before heading back to California. It's been fantastic! It is incredible how quickly Lizzie has grown since I saw her in May - she is now walking and talking! Her favorite statement? "Happy day!" Yep. She's a happy baby and it's awesome. Enjoy a few pics and Go Steelers!!!

OK fine this is from two weeks ago, but c'mon - that's an amazing trick-or-treat outfit!

Lizzie all dressed up for her future cousin's baby shower!

This one is going in a frame. Andrew and I loved babysitting her!

Elizabeth knows how to use a cell phone! lol

Lizzie Lamb!

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