Monday, November 28, 2011

Linking Up!

I'm so happy Monday is just about over. I tell ya, getting back into the swing of things and out of sweatpants sure is exhausting.

Today I thought I would participate in Holly and Chelsea's Make it My Own Monday theme. Actually, I read their posts today over lunch and realized that I was participating unintentionally! I guess all of that pinning is starting to sink in ;)

So, a couple of pictures (sure, one was in the work ladies room. Whateves.), a quick post, and voila! I'm officially linking up with other bloggers.

So here is their inspiration outfit from Pinterest:

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

And here is my version:

My scarf is too short to tuck in with the belt, but aside from that I think it's pretty similar, no? Nothing I am wearing is even close to new, either!

Jeans: 4 or possibly 5 years ago from good 'ol Gap
Boots: Hunter (from Nordstrom)
Tank: Nordstrom Rack
Grey shirt: J. Crew
Purple belt: Lord & Taylor
Cardigan: F21
Necklace: Tiffany's (graduation gift!)
Scarf: J. Crew (another gift!)
Earrings: not somewhere? I should know this since they're my favorite!
Headband: not even kidding, I got it from Michael's for a whopping $1 hahaha

Head on over to visit Holly and Chelsea to view their cute renditions!


Miss Chelsea said...

Cute! I love the scarf you have on! Thanks for playing =)

Holly said...

Cute scarf, Mare! So glad you "unintentionally" played along ;) Love your outfit and those boots!