Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wishful Wednesday


Whaddup Wednesday?!?! So happy you're here. We're now halfway through the week...and actually more so for me: our company decided to take off Friday! Woot! So this post needs to be quick; I'm currently enjoying some Green Giant Steamers and need to get back to reporting so I can actually take off all of Friday!

Two blog posts compelled me to write this Wishful Wednesday post. First, Mimi from Irresistible Icing again inspired me with her honest commentary on her road to weight loss. Her recent post was about how her life happiness related to her weight. As I read it I reflected on my own happiness correlated with my weight. It's funny because when I was at my thinnest senior year at Otterbein I was also the unhappiest I've ever been. This could possibly be due to the looming graduation-without-a-job factor, the large amount of responsibility, or just the sheer fact that I was president of my sorority, it was basically the worst year to date that I can recall. No matter how much weight I lost I still wasn't happy.

This is odd because now I feel like I could be happier with myself if I lost weight since I know I can do it. Maybe in the back of my mind that's why I struggle with losing weight this time around: when I was thin I was unhappy and yet I'm happy now but want to be thin. Luckily I'm at a different point in my life and am wholly happy with everything that doesn't look back at me in the mirror. It's weird to equate happiness with my weight, so hopefully I can remind myself that I'll be happy no matter what weight I am. Wishful thinking :)

My thought process further triggered a blog post once I saw the image on a {little} dash of ash's post today:

Maybe I should just focus on being happy and the weight (and mirror) will deal with itself. Are any of you wishing for happiness this Wednesday?

PS follow Irresistible Icing and a {little} dash of ash! They are fantastic blogs!

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