Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sentimental Sunday

I have a silly, girlie, confession.

Growing up in a small town, this lass dreamed of city living. Not only did I picture myself strolling through city streets, hauling shopping bags, commuting via city transit, attending fabulous events in fabulous outfits, and living with a view of the skyscrapers I rarely saw in Ohio, I also dreamed of doing all of that with a boyfriend. Make fun of me if you want, but it was this (and many other dreams) that got me through high school and inspired me to work hard through college to move to DC. Now that I am in Chicago and have been with Andrew for over two years, it feels like I have a daily reminder to pinch myself to wake up from the dream I dreamed years ago. Friday night was another one of those nights. Back in high school when I was so awkward that I couldn't speak to boys let alone date them I always thought, "it's OK, I'll move to a city someday and meet someone who will care about me and take me on the fabulous dates I will never go on here." Sure it's ridiculous, but I feel like I'm not alone on this one. Can you relate?

Well, Friday night I couldn't stop smiling.

Not only did Andrew surprise me with his spontaneous idea for the evening, he put an endless smile on my face as I remembered my mom and sister's advice growing up: they assured me (amid all of the dramatic "heartache" that is adolescence) that even though I had zero luck with the dudes that someday I would find my prince.

Now, Fridays are always great: we typically order in a pizza and watch a movie in Performance Fleece. It's essentially bliss after a long week. Instead, this Friday Andrew sent me a message in the mid-afternoon asking if I wanted to go to a show that night. Um, yes, of course I want to go to a show in downtown Chicago. Then he asked me to meet him at his office so we could go somewhere beforehand - a surprise.

He took me to a Christmas festival called ChristkindlMarket Chicago, conveniently situated between Andrew's office and the theater. It was the cutest festival I have ever walked through.

We didn't have the time to taste the mulled wine (out of boots!), bratwurst, or sweets, but we did see enough to make us promise our return the following weekend. While Andrew had his eyes on every smoker in sight, I spied Christmas carousels and hand-painted ornaments. In all it was an amazing way to boost our Christmas spirit!

We tore ourselves away from the festival and went to see "Ann", a show written and performed by Holland Taylor (she's in "Two and a Half Men" and was the mean law professor in Legally Blonde 1). The show was hilarious - it depicted the life of Ann Richards, the governor of Texas in the 90s. Holland was spectacular! Her one-liners, delivery, and incredible talent left me on the edge of my seat wanting more. If "Ann" comes to your town promise me you will see it!!!

Following the show we returned to our neighborhood for a late dinner in a cozy restaurant., Bull-eh-Dia's. We enjoyed Spanish tapas and sangria over candlelight.

It was the perfect ending to a perfect evening. I couldn't help but think back to my teenage self and say, "See? It really happened!"

Pinch! :)

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