Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday's Fancies: New Years Eve!

Happy Friday!

I have been waiting and waiting for today to come (and go) so that 1) I can participate in this fun Friday's Fancies theme from {av}'s awesome blog; 2) I leave work early today; 3) Andrew returns tomorrow; and 4) I am pumped to sport some sequins whilst poppin' champagne cheering on 2012.

Here's an outfit I would LOVE to own and show off tomorrow night.

Friday's Fancies: New Years Eve!

I love the classy look of this outfit accompanied by the impressive bling that I will never afford in this lifetime.

Here are some pins that are inspiring my outfit for tomorrow's party. As you can probably tell I'm going with a sequin skirt and a blouse:

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

I'm not exactly sure how I'll style the skirt yet, so please do me a favor and give me some tips keeping in mind that I'm short and packed on holiday weight! Go over to {av}'s blog to see other glittery creations!

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