Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Decked Out for the Derby

Friday's Fancies on Long Distance Loving! 

Happy Friday! Sorry for the lack of sass yesterday. Long story short, I have a severe sprain in my neck and shoulders so I took a day off of work and blogging. More muscle relaxer, less typing. It seemed to do the trick until 1pm today at work. I had had enough and am now home nursing my neck and laying down. What a way to waste a sunny day, right? Sigh...

Anyway, earlier this week I luckily created a set for this week's Friday's Fancies on {av}'s Long Distance Loving. This week's theme is all about the Derby tomorrow. This outfit makes me wish I would have gone to Gold Cup while I lived in DC! 
I went with bright colors, wedges to prevent sinking into the grass, a hat to keep me shaded from the sun, and (of course) pearls.

Friday's Fancies: Day at the Derby

What would you wear for the Derby, or if you're in DC what are you wearing to Gold Cup? Do any fellow Chicagoans know if there is anything like Gold Cup here in Chicago?

Have a happy weekend!

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siddathornton said...

i love the color scheme of the dress - so cute! hope this weekend has been treating you well. happy sunday!

- l