Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Little Bit of Class Tuesday


Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is getting off to a good start! I'm so excited that it's May; May is my favorite month because it's full of flowers, up until this year it marked the end of a stressful school year, my birthday is the 20th (!!), and Andrew and I will call a new loft apartment home by the end of the month. This and so many fun things to come put me in a good mood!

However, I can't help but notice the clouds and rain and chilly air lately. Amid the dreary Chicago days I simply look to Pinterest for a quick pick-me-up of classy inspiration...even though I am clad in trenches and rain boots.

Source: vintageous.com via Mary on Pinterest

I have to start this off with a dress that made me gasp. I was on the train and it was awkward.

Source: goo.gl via Mary on Pinterest

I just noticed her tattoo. While I love Teddy, this makes me love the dress a little less on her. More reason for me to wear it, right?


In a sea of black this dress surely stands out!

Source: bemlegaus.com via Mary on Pinterest

I couldn't help but include this guy. What a pleasant-looking pug.

Keep it classy!


Aimee L said...

Happy early birthday! I feel like everyone in the blogosphere is moving lately...too funny!! Good luck with your impending move - be sure to post pictures of your new digs :)

Love that mint green & lace dress, and I have tattoos so don't love it any less on her, haha!! ;)

Sara Louise said...

The white lace shirt with the camel colored belt is to die for! Absolutely stunning. But in saying that... that model has nothing on that pug! :)