Thursday, May 31, 2012

Life Lately

So OK, I haven't updated in quite a long while. I'm sure it hasn't kept you up at night, and I'm sure you haven't missed me. I, however, have been itching to write and do miss me some bloggin'.

Here's a recap of my life lately, in pictures.

So I turned 27 on May 20 and my parents sent me these pretty flowers!

I decided to wear the same dress I wore for my 25th birthday out to a bar, which I enjoyed because the dress is one of my favorites and I never have an excuse to wear it. I spent the evening with 20 or so of my nearest and dearest Chicago friends. We gathered at Nick's Beer Garden in Wicker Park for some live music and great brews. Good times!

Andrew got me THE BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER! Since our birthdays are a month apart, we decided we would get each other tickets to see Bruce Springstein at Wrigley Field...and on the actual day we get $10 gifts and a funny card. He totally stepped up his game with this mug. The pressure is on!

Then we moved! We tried to be crazy organized to help the movers and our sanity. 

Teddy helped to keep everything organized.

And now, here are pictures of the new place!

Our pretty fireplace - the mantle is large enough for the TV - yay for space savers!

Andrew on the balcony. We love that the whole wall is windows!

Our kitchen! 

I love the open floor plan in the space. It's very different from our previous apartment, but a washer/dryer in the unit, covered parking space (included in rent!), balcony, fireplace, dry cleaner and cafe in the building, 1-mile walk to work, and basic cable/Internet included in the rent definitely makes the move easier. Oh, and our last place (while beautiful and close to friends) was in an old building that had MANY problems.

Teddy lounged as we unpacked.

We made sure to toast our new place that evening!

Now my walk to work has this view! Oh and did I mention it's only 1 mile?!?!

And finally, here's the church we went to on Sunday as we started to look for our new church. Old St. Pat's is the oldest church in the city! It was such a fun Mass - yes, I wrote that correctly: it was fun! There was a gospel choir and the priest was a captivating speaker! Wow!

Phew! OK now that we're all caught up, tell me about you!!


Beth said...

Love your new apartment Mary! Looks like life is good for you in Chicago :)

Lucy The Valiant said...

Happy late birthday! And your new apartment looks awesome!

Bianca @ Sweet Dreaming said...

happy belated birthday! Hope it was fabulous :)