Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday's Fancies: White Hot!

Friday's Fancies on Long Distance Loving! 
Happy Friday and Happy June! I can't believe how cold it is in Chicago today. Over the weekend it was in the 90s and the past two days it's been in the 50s and raining. I haven't let the weather rain on my parade, though. It's been a great couple of days with a fun weekend ahead!

Today over at {av}'s Long Distance Loving, the theme is to choose white pieces the suit our fancy. Here's mine!

Friday's Fancies: White Hot!

I love sweet lace dresses for summer and this is just too pretty to pass up, especially paired with the accessories. Admittedly, it's all a little matchy-matchy, but I couldn't pull myself away from the pink! Oh and since I don't tan the self-tanner is a must if I dare to wear white!

Head over to {av}'s blog for more white fancy outfits!


Aimee L said...

Who cares if it's "matchy-matchy" - I love it!! :) Absolutely love that straw TB tote!!

Alyssa said...

I totally agree with Aimee, who cares about the matchy-matchy! It's cute!

Sarah said...

I am always afraid to wear a white dress because I think it looks a little too 'stuck up' but you assuaged my fears & made it look SO cute!! Love it!

so anthro said...

Love it!! Those shoes are TOO cute!

Bianca @ Sweet Dreaming said...

I LOVE that Tory Burch bag!

Mary said...

Thanks, ladies! You're all so sweet!!