Friday, June 22, 2012


This is a phrase I would say during one of my DC internship programs. Talking about politics nonstop was exhausting, so I would turn to my fellow style-loving girlfriends during heated debates that only 20-year olds can have (read: annoying and one-sided) and either whisper or exclaim, "" to hopefully change the subject from politics to parties/fashion/food/shopping/you get the picture. What? I was 20. 

Anyway, this morning I read a post from one of my favorite blogs Born & Bread, a style blog by two gorgeous New Yorkers. The authors are now Fashion Insiders for a new (to me) shoe site called Sole Society. I thought nothing of it until I scrolled through Lauren's pictures of her shoes, the price, and then the discount. I rushed to Sole Society like someone was going to take the shoes away from me. Within minutes I justified my purchase (cute, flat, will wear often, can wear on my walk to work, free shipping, $15 off, etc.) and bought them! What a great way to start a Friday!

Say hello to my new shoes!

Happy Friday, all!

Oh and P.S. if I would have seen this site when I was 20 I probably would've bought one of the 4.5-inch heel monstrosities on the Sole Society site. Apparently growing up means wearing flats.


callie ;) said...

hahaha, growing up does = wearing flats. trust me. it gets worse. soon you start judging the hookers who wear 4" heels to work every day.

Mary said...

I'm not sure there was a time that I DIDN'T judge hooker heels at work. :)

Julie and Lauren said...

Adorable!! Thanks, Mary! Xo

callie ;) said...

this is why we're friends. :)