Monday, June 4, 2012

Mad Men and Sausage

This weekend was full of fun with friends for two events: the work Mad Men-themed party and Sausage Fest in Wrigleyville.

Our office shut down early on Friday to host a party in our new office space. Our group loves a good theme (for example, the Halloween costumes were amazing!), so everyone got decked out in our best Draper-esque duds!

Here's my outfit before my hair was destroyed in the rain. You may remember this dress from a Fridays Fancies post in March. It was reasonably priced so I bought it! I did not have the opportunity to wear it so when the party was announced I knew I would go with it! Sure it isn't the most mod-look out there, but it was the best I could do without shopping!

Here are more pics from the party!

We tried to recreate this cover photo (below), which cracks me up:


Then on Saturday we joined some friends in Wrigleyville for Sausage Fest. It was delicious! We were happy that one of our favorite bars, Murphy's Bleachers, was part of the festival, so we could sit with our food and order craft beer!

Here's to hoping this week passes quickly so we can get back to parties and festivals next weekend!!

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