Thursday, June 14, 2012

Weekly Posting Now?

Well goodness gracious what a bad blogger I have been this last week. I actually have really good excuses! Let me explain in pics and prose:

First, I didn't post on Thursday of last week because, well, I have no idea why. I either forgot or was too lazy. Guilty! 

Second, last Friday I was in a horrible mood because I didn't lose any weight again. Fridays are my weigh-in days for Weight Watchers. I never want to post when I'm a negative Nancy, so I decided to forgo the 2012 equivalent of feel-bad-about-myself high school AIM away messages of sad song lyrics. Remember those? I may have felt like posting the lyrics to "Everybody Hurts" by REM, but alas I am not a teen. Instead of complaining online I whined to Andrew and barely ate anything all day. Progress? 


Saturday we drove up north a bit for my future sister-in-law's bridal shower! It was great to meet her family and spend some quality time with my mom. In all honesty it was the first bridal shower where we didn't eat tiny sandwiches and I didn't have (too many) awkward conversations...meaning I really had a great time! The only game (!!!) was a Mad Libs game. My mom and I were crying from laughing so hard! 

Me and the Bride-to-Be!

Later on we went to the Wilmette Beach for the view, the company, and the drinks. Look at the gorgeous sunset with the sailboat! How picturesque!! 

On Sunday my parents brought us a Birthday cake! 

Monday was slightly exciting: we went to a Conan taping!!!! He's in Chicago this week and we were lucky to get tickets! Andrew's boss gave us her extra pair and we couldn't pass it up! Look at this line to pick up the tickets! Crazy! 

The whole experience was one to remember. I will obviously have this picture to remember how I sweat in line beforehand. Lovely.

We sat near the stage by the band! 

The show was hysterical and we got to meet Mark Pender!

Finally, I didn't post the previous two nights because we graced the Wrigley bleachers for the Cubs v. Tigers games. 

Here was Tuesday:

And here was Wednesday:

Gorgeous!! I love the weather right now in the Windy City!

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