Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Back When Wednesday!

Good morning!

Rachel from Can't Google Everything introduced my new favorite blog theme: "Back When Wednesdays." This is a chance to share some pictures from my younger, sassier, sillier days. The second I read her first post I knew I had to link up the next time! 

But then I forgot about it.

So unfortunately my pictures are not from my teen or even pre-teen years. Yet. Those will come for sure. I have yet to grow out of my awkward stage (fingers crossed it happens before I hit 30!), and the pictures today are from my very first Facebook photo album, dating back to 2005. You will see that not much has changed. In these pictures I was a sophomore at Otterbein College. I lived in my sorority house. I was 19 and 20. This flashback is going to be fun :)

Let's start this off in the most ridiculous way possible. Here my Little and I are sampling the headwear at a Niagra Falls gift shop.

Here I am celebrating my 20th birthday with one of my signature dance moves accompanied by four extra chins and an ill-fitting shirt.

Laura, Carmen, and I at the Sphinx Formal. 
"Little in the middle!!"
[At Otterbein we have local chapters. Sphinx is Sigma Delta Phi.]

Some of my best gals at the Rascal Flatts concert. One of many!

In the picture below, some of my friends and I were in Canada, legally allowed to drink at 20 years old. Sometimes pillow fights just happen. The matching jerseys were a plus.

Greek Week...this was the year Theta Nu couldn't participate because we got in too much trouble. Naturally we caused a ruckus in the front by the stage. Yours truly was front and center.

And, finally, my two best friends! Look how young!!!

I can't wait to share more from back when! Thanks, Rachel!


callie ;) said...

holy short blonde hair!!! at least i don't still have bangs! ;)


Rachel said...

lolz!!! You are so hilarious and love these photos! Thanks for linking up with me! Hope to see you again next week! :)