Thursday, August 8, 2013

Little Bit of Sass Thursday

Goodness I'm so ready for the weekend. Let's laugh a little with some sass to get us through the rest of the work week, shall we?

I'm too lazy to source all of these images. They are all from my Sassy Pinterest board and are therefore from various sources. That's good enough, right? ;)

OK here we go:

I just love that about my sweatpants, don't you?

It really does. Especially when I'm wearing sweatpants.

I don't think that's too much to ask.

...which is why I usually look terrible.

Awww. Rookie.

One of my favorite lines.

Makes it look intentional, doesn't it?

ha. ha. ha...(sniffle)



Here are my two favorites this week:

Have a good one, everyone!


Unknown said...

This post made my morning. Love the sweatpants one especially. I saw this pin last night that had the quote, "nothing taste as good as skinny feels" and then they showed all these food pictures.

Christina said...

Hehehehe. Chocolate loves us and is always there for us!! Best friend ever.

Meghan at Champagne & Suburbs said...

Sweatpants are the first thing I put on when I get home from work! I hate real pants. And absolutely hate bathing suits! :)

Law & Luxury said...

such a great post! brightened up my day! xx

Rachel @