Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wedding Wednesday!

Little Bit of Class Little Bit of Sass
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Happy Wednesday everyone!
It's time to link up with me and Kristyn from Chits & Giggles!

I've mentioned before how important it is to step back and reflect amid all of the crazy planning. Yesterday was the perfect reminder.

My parents sent me this picture yesterday when I was thinking about wedding cake and other small details.

Super cute, right?

Well it turns out that they are off at the beach celebrating their 38th anniversary! 
They didn't tell any of us kids! They're so fun!!!

38 years, gang. 

That's a long time. It's amazing, admirable and inspiring. 

I love them so much and am incredibly thankful to have them as role models. 
It makes me even more excited to marry my best friend.

Their actual anniversary is Friday, but Happy early Anniversary, you crazy kids, you!

Love you! :)


Sara @ Forever and a Recipe said...

38 years - how awesome is that!?!? What a wonderful inspiration your parents are - you are definitely lucky!

Kristyn said...

Um wow. All I can say is wow. 38 years is incredible! And they look so so happy!! Truly amazing!

Meghan at Champagne & Suburbs said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents! 38 years is fantastic!

YFG said...

Your parents are so cute!

Lauren said...

That is so sweet!

Betsy Transatlantically said...

what a milestone! congratulations :)