Thursday, October 24, 2013

Little Bit of Sass Thursday

I'm going to make fun of myself a little bit today.

You see, I often read blog posts regarding what bloggers carry in their purses. People are very curious about what others lug around on a day-to-day basis.

This topic baffles me.


Well, because my bag looks like this at the gym.

And this on a day when I workout at home.

Why would anyone need to know or want to know this about me?

The contents of my bag includes:

My laptop, wallet, planner, book, water bottle, make-up, two hand sanitizer bottles, one water bottle, my clean coffee mug, essential items, three reusable bags (why 3? No idea!), another make-up thing for some reason, glasses case, a fan, about 3,000 lip glosses/lipsticks and sample perfumes, a tattered baggie of tissues and cough drops that I need to toss, flyers from people since I walk everywhere, paper clips and bobby pins and crumbs and receipts and wrappers and mystery items...and you get the idea.

Oh and on a gym day I pack it to the brim with my clothes and boxing gloves and wraps and whatever else.

It's not pretty.
And I think as a result my right shoulder is permanently lopsided since I only carry bags on my right shoulder. 

What are the rest of you doing that you are so much more organized?
I may just be disgusting. You may just be lying.
It's a toss up.

Help me out here. 
Am I alone in this?
Do I need to start a support group?

Any takers?


Unknown said...

Ha!.. They are liars!! You speak the truth! :) The interior of my bag literally nauseates me. It's packed to the brim and somehow... I never have anything useful. I lug around 40lbs of mystery contents all day, but if you need a tissue or a safety pin, I surely cannot help you. It's all very perplexing.

Stephanie said...

haha! I think they are liars and clean it up for photos. My actual stuff, like my wallet and little bag of essentials (ya know, tampons and all that) is well organized but there's always random tissues and receipts floating around, no matter how often I attempt to clean it out.