Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Little Bit of Class Tuesday


So on my beautiful morning walk across the river from Merchandise Mart to the office I spotted a man. A grown man, mind you. The only thing that was notable about this man was that he was commuting via scooter. Want my humble opinion? Scooters are for children. The only good thing about seeing the man on said scooter was seeing him fall. I was too far to help (I like to think I would have helped him), and he popped right up to continue scooting. Hey, to each his own, but if you choose to act like a child and fall then you also make the choice easy for me to blog about you and giggle audibly. Does that make me evil? Maybe. But does it also make me right? I think so.

Oh crap. Today I'm supposed to show examples of how I'm classy. It's only 9am and I just started my day off (the only way it should, in my opinion) in a sassy manner. Meh, the day is young and my hair is in a bun. I still have a shot.

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