Saturday, August 6, 2011

Maxified Friday's Fancies!

Hello! I'm a little late on my Friday's Fancies and my weekly update but oh well. It's been a busy week adapting to the new job and fitting in workouts before 6am. Below the outfit is my update, including sassy and class updates. Sorry again for failing to post regularly, but thanks for reading!

So the theme this week for Friday's Fancies is to come up with an outfit around maxi dresses. I don't own one and since I'm short I feel like I need to be super skinny to pull off the look, but the purpose of posting to Friday's Fancies is to dream big, right? Well, here's my entry for the week. Please click on the link above and vote "Like" if you enjoy my outfit. My entry is #65. Yet again I couldn't choose on a bag and shoes. I feel like any of those will work - Tory Burch works well for any occasion, don't you think? ;)

Maxi Friday's Fancies

Little Bit of Class Tuesday:
Nothing about Tuesday was classy. I wore my hair up with leopard print flats and was saucy all day because it was hot. Something about jeans and sweat does not make me feel like a classy broad. However, I did wear a bun in my hair, which to me means ballerina, which again means classy. Sure it's a stretch, but hey, it was all I had going for me. Tell me this isn't classy:

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Want more classy pics? Visit my pinterest board!

Wishful Wednesday:
All day I felt like chatting with my girlfriends. After working all day around dudes I just needed a little discussion about shopping, nails, and all things girly. As luck would have it, Andrew's cousin fits that bill perfectly and called me to hang out! Good timing! We hung out and gabbed about girl stuff all evening until Andrew got off work, then had a yummy meal.

Little Bit of Sass Thursday:
Nothing remarkable on my end, except that I'm getting more comfortable around my co-workers so the sass is coming out in my comments. It's fun. Here's a funny sassy picture, but for more visit my pinterest board!

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Weekly Update:
Weight loss:
Only 0.4 pound loss. Grrrr

Total weight loss:
2.9 since I started again.

Pounds remaining to reach goal weight:
31 - sigh.

[I did not come up with my goal weight arbitrarily. This goal weight is based on the WW site guidelines. My goal weight is actually on the heavy range for my age and height.]

Overall mood this week:
All week I have been more conscious of portions and eating dinner earlier in the evening. I had fun on our Detroit trip last weekend, but I wasn't as bad as I easily could have been. What kept me going this week was the encouragement by a few readers, so thank you to Maureen, Megan, and Lucy. I truly appreciate your support.

Also, since I don't do enough cardio and instead do five days of The Butt Bible, I'm thinking that toning is preventing bigger losses on the scale. Muscle weighs more than fat after all, and I have to admit, I don't shy away from mirrors anymore. I'm definitely liking how I'm looking, and plan on keeping this up.

Worked out:
6 times in five days! Even though I had worked out in the morning on Thursday I did yoga after a busy day of work. It made me proud because usually I'd have a glass of wine, but the yoga helped even more to relax me!


Lucy The Valiant said...

Good for you! Those early, early workouts are so easy to skip! Some mornings I can barely drag myself out of bed.

Mary said...

haha I totally understand...but sometimes it's nice to workout while the sun rises! It is SO tough to wake up, though!! :)

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

That's so great that you are working out 6 days a week!! Keep in min muscle weighs more than fat so you could just be adding lean muscle..and hey a .4 loss is still good!! Keep it up girl!

Mary said...

Thank you Lindsay! I am so happy you stopped by. I visited your blog and now I'm following yours!

Molly Crocker said...

Gorgeous ballerina pic :) And yes, rocking a bun means you ARE a ballerina!