Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rockin' Red Friday's Fancies and Week 6 (Again)

Happy weekend, readers! This week {av} from Long Distance Loving challenged us with rockin' some red on our post. Well, after looking at my previous posts I realized I have done quite a few red looks! There's just something about the color that when I wear it (which isn't often unfortunately) makes me feel saucy. However, I have been eying any and all skirts such as this one (below) and decided to pair it with this fabulous shirt that's almost red. So OK I'm not rocking the red but I am rockin' it. After the outfit that is WAY over my budget, please see my weekly update!
Rockin' Red Friday's Fancies

Not too bad if I do say so myself! Oh how I want to wear this outfit, carry this bag, and strut my stuff in those sandals! Do you like it? If so, please go to {av}'s blog and "like" my entry! I'm #69.

Weekly Update:
Weight loss:
1.5 pounds!

Total weight loss:
4.4 since I started again.

Pounds remaining to reach goal weight:
29.5 - sigh.

[I did not come up with my goal weight arbitrarily. This goal weight is based on the WW site guidelines. My goal weight is actually on the heavy range for my age and height.]

Overall mood this week:
It really has been a great week. I went to three Cubs games, work is going well, and the mirror and I are back on speaking terms. My jeans and I still have some words, but we're working it out.

And OK, OK I'll admit it, like last week when I got on the scale Friday morning NOTHING changed. I even ate pizza for dinner last night, and I decided to weigh in again this morning out of sheer curiosity, and I lost the 1.5 pounds. Since yesterday. Weird and frustrating. I don't understand my body, but at least the scale reflects how I'm feeling.

Worked out:
6 times! I just love the Butt Bible in the morning before work. I really need to run at least twice a week, but I truly hate running. My knees just plain hurt during and after I run. Sigh. Motivation please!

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Marian said...

Love the accessories with the ensemble!