Monday, January 30, 2012

Mary's Musing Monday


At first I started to write a "Little Bit of Class Tuesday" post. Wishful thinking I guess that the week would be swift. Is it the weekend yet?

If you could go on a trip this weekend, where would you go? My friend Turk will be here this weekend, so I'm happy to be here, but I'd take a trip somewhere warm any other weekend!

Maybe to one of these places, perhaps?

Yeah I think I could handle that. Who's with me?


Unknown said...

Me me me!!! I'm with you! :)

Mary said...

haha yes!!! Where shall we go, Kate?!?! :)

Lucy The Valiant said...

Sign me up! :)

callie ;) said...

wherever you choose to go, take me with you!!! :)

Unknown said...

I would totally choose to go to the Maldives...or Italy. Both totally different but would be so amazing to visit! (or live I'd take either haha)

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