Sunday, February 5, 2012

Halftime = Blog Time: 11 Questions. Answered.

Well cal from If You're Bored Then You're Boring recently answered my 11 Facts post questions. So of course she tagged me in her 11 Question post soooo here I go!

1. what's your favorite sports team and why?
The Pittsburgh Steelers, of course! My parents are from Pittsburgh so I grew up a fan, among Bengals and Browns fans (poor souls).

2. if you could only wear jeans or dresses for the rest of your life, which would you pick?
Dresses! I hate trying on jeans. Hate. I have more luck with dresses, and the jeans I like are always too pricey. No thanks.

3. name the top 5 states you would still like to visit. (ohio better be on your list if you consider yourself my friend and have never been here.)
Hmmm 1) Hawaii; 2) Florida; 3) Oregon; 4) Washington; and 5) Maine

4. what's your biggest guilty pleasure?
I enjoy eating Better 'N Peanut Butter straight from the jar while watching horrible television.

5. if you could fly anywhere in the world for 10 days, all expenses paid, where would it be and who would you take with you?
I would go to Spain with Andrew so he could show me where he and his family have enjoyed many trips together.

6. what's the best present that you've ever given?
I'm pretty proud of the gift I gave Andrew for our first anniversary. I conspired with one of his best friends - She went to a Detroit Tigers garage sale at Comerica Park and got a couple of things from the team for me. She shipped it to me and I hid it for a couple of months. I hadn't even met her yet, either! It was so fun and he was really surprised :)

7. what's the best present that you've ever received?
The first year Andrew and I dated he completely surprised me with Steelers tickets at Heinz Field! I was SHOCKED! We had only been dating for three months and it was incredibly thoughtful. A silly blizzard kept us from going to the game, but it really was the best gift. Sure the game would've been amazing (actually it was - The Steelers came back and beat the Packers!) but it was the thought that counts!

8. name the person who comes to mind when i say "best friend". what makes him/her so wonderful?
Girl: Callie. Not just because I'm answering her questions, because we talk in some fashion pretty much every day. Our friendship is proof that distance doesn't make a difference if you're both willing to put something into it. Oh and it also helps that we have desk jobs and love to talk about nothing and everything.

(This picture was taken by the new sign to our alma mater...we graduated from Otterbein COLLEGE, hence the thumbs down motion and forlorn looks.)

Boy: isn't it obvious? His name rhymes with Schmamdrew.

9. tell me someone awesome (and not annoying) to follow on twitter.
@Chex_Mix. It is written as if the mix is writing it. So cute!
Another good one on a different level is Ashley from @The_Shine_Project. She is inspiring!

10. who's your celebrity crush (pictures appreciated)?
Well, let's just say that I have no idea what Andrew was saying to me during the David Beckham underwear commercial. I don't like tattoos or guys who look angry, but on David? Yow.

11. give me a good quote to live by.
I started to follow a blog recently and the title of her recent post was this quote:
"If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space."
I kind of love it.

Oh and I just have to say that I wrote this post during Halftime of the Super Bowl. Madonna is awesome.


Lori said...

Woohoooo, glad to see Hawaii's on that list, since it's my homestate :) Awesome. And totally love this post after seeing Mr. Beckham in his undies!

new follower, please stop on by:

callie ;) said...

oh mare. you could have picked so many prettier pictures of us to post, but this one is pretttty hilarious. i just love you and am so grateful for you. :)