Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Little Bit of Class Tuesday


Today I'm supposed to be classy. That just isn't going to work for me. Not with the outfit and sassy nails that I'm sporting today. Plus, this day is full of wishing people I love a happy day...and when I do that I am as classy as Cookie Monster. (mmmm...cookies...)

Example A: I gave Andrew a card this morning from Teddy. I even put the card next to the cat and the signature was a paw print. Example B: Laura and I reminisced about the hilarious and ridiculous Valentine's Day we spent with our single sisters and a box of wine sophomore year. Example C: my co-workers and I gave out fun valentines sporting Miss Piggy and friends. Example D: I have read more some e-cards than normal cards. Example E: While we're on the card subject, Andrew's card is not sentimental. The closest to sentimental we get is a card with puppies or kittens. That's just not how we roll. Yes there is neon and glitter this year. Unfortunately I went to CVS last night which was a fail - they were not only all out of baby animal cards but also burp and fart joke cards. Jerks.

Welp, on that note, Happy Valentine's Day everyone!



1 comment:

callie ;) said...

umm...you should be getting a homemade valentine from me sometime this week! i accidentally didn't mail it until sunday. slightly busy this weekend - whoops!