Sunday, February 12, 2012

Three Things

First, my sister and I watched the same movie last night while chatting on Facebook. She lives in LA, Lizzie was asleep, and her hubby was out with the boys. She popped some popcorn and we both bought an On-Demand Movie to watch "together." Have you ever seen "I Don't Know How She Does It" with SJP? No? Don't. Unless you do what we did which was predict every single scene and laugh at the wretchedness that was that movie. We certainly had a fun Saturday night together, two time zones apart! :)


Second, I tried the sock bun today and LOVE it! My co-worker pointed me to pinterest where I found the how-to. It's so simple! I picked one of my many socks without its partner, cut the toe, and twisted my hair around it! It's fun and looks so much fuller than when I try to don a bun sans-sock. Andrew gave it a pat of approval.

Third, have you tried the new Oreo? It's BIRTHDAY CAKE! Two cookies and three points later, I'm salivating until I have my next fix serving.



Lucy The Valiant said...

Birthday cake? YUM!

I thought that SJP movie didn't look very good, but what a fun way to watch it!

Mary said...

Yeah it really was! I highly recommend it! :)

Christina said...

i want these cookies. i need these cookies.

Mary said...

You do. You really do.