Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Little Bit of Class Tuesday: Classy Look to the Blog!


Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I have found myself checking my blog more frequently than usual today. Why? Well, I can't get over how fantastic my new header and buttons look! It's all thanks to the expertise of Miss {av} from Long Distance Loving. Last night, {av} and I had a Skype blog consultation. For an hour she and I had a fun and insightful conversation about the design and content for Little Bit of Class Little Bit of Sass. It was fantastic to "meet" a blogger who I admire and who I have followed for over a year! {av} was quick, professional, cheery, encouraging, and just as sweet as she seems on her blog. She is also the brain behind the Friday's Fancies theme that I have posted about many a Friday. Please go visit {av}'s blog and enjoy!

Here is a classy picture for your Tuesday. When I saw it on Pinterest I audibly gasped on the L.

Whimsical, beautiful, and undeniably elegant, these two women epitomize class. Do you have any style icons? These two ladies are mine!


Kelly M. said...

Very cute new header!

Mary said...

Thank you, Kelly!