Sunday, February 26, 2012

Favorite Oscar Moments

OK so the fashion was great (Gwyneth's dress sans cape, Penelope's gorgeous-ness, Michelle's cuteness, Brad and George, etc.) but I have some other highlights:
  1. Red Carpet awkwardness. I love nothing more than the horrible questions, awkward pauses by the actors accompanied by perplexed faces, and then the rehearsed, yet bumbling, answers. I loved the "how do you do it?!?!" questions followed by the, "umm, well my dress was by so and so...uhhhh...". So grand. I love when there aren't scripts. Oh and the whole Bisquick/Seacrest "accident" was great. I truly dislike Russel Brand, but at least he provides good banter.
  2. Billy Crystal. Nine hosting gigs makes for nine great opening monologues and jabs. He was almost good enough to erase the terrible Franco/Hathaway combo in 2011. *Shudder*
  3. Bow Ties. The Artist dog sported a bow tie. To me, that pup should be on the "Best Dressed" list. There should be more dogs in bow ties at the Oscars.
  4. Cymbals. God Bless Will and Zach. I was crying with glee. If they could grace the stage of the "Your Name Here" Theatre from now on, that would be great.
Yeah, that's about it for me. What were your favorite moments? Any favorite looks?

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Kate @ Daffodils said...

It is terrible, but I havent watched any of the oscars yet! Ill get the highlights on in the morning :)