Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Little Bit of Class Tuesday

Robert Frost once wrote, "Good fences make good neighbors," indicating that good neighbors respect boundaries.

Welp, clearly Mr. Road-Less-Traveled-By never met my next door neighbor. 
...or understood that apartments don't have fences.

 My neighbor likes to sing. And yell.
At all hours.

Now, I'm not one to stifle someone's song, but Lord Almighty I wish that I could.
Let's just say that this lass is not a strong contender for The Voice.

And no, I don't know her.

I could waltz over and offer some cookies while mentioning that her voice sounds like a dying feline, but I am not too sure that would go over too well.

Plus, Andrew and I watch a lot of sports and we tend to yell at our teams.
(I mean, c'mon, the Steelers had a rough season).

So she is not the only one at fault here.

But what can I do?
Judging by our love of sports we won't stop yelling.
And judging by her incessant squawking she most likely will not silence her singing.
Do you think she sings because we yell?
Is she getting back at us?
Is this some sort of weird condo karma biting me in the bum?

Yeah, I don't know, so I asked Ms. Emily Post.

Admittedly, she wasn't a huge help:

Well, I don't think we will be going to public officials. 
I doubt I'd even write a note.

The whole calmness thing is good advice, though, because when I hear her voice before 8 am on the weekend I am anything but tranquil. Good to keep in mind should we ever have an encounter.

Maybe I will try to strike up a conversation if I ever see her in the hall.
If it's after a game I can laughingly apologize for yelling at our teams.
Then she can say, "Oh no problem. I sing all of the time to get back at you. You cheer on your teams at an acceptable volume and I'll sing softer. Truce?"

Yeah, right.
Georgetown isn't ranked and I doubt they'll dance in March Madness.
It's gonna get loud.

What would you do?


Kristyn said...

I would probably go the note approach. We had a neighbor living upstairs from us and it sounded like a rhino was running up and down their hall at all hours of the night. Not to mention the crying baby.

I think it's just part of apartment living. I should have written our upstairs neighbors a note though, but to let them know that we can A) hear them stomping along B) to be quieter.

Maybe try to set a time that she can sing her little heart out? Preferably after 10am on the weekend? And why is she singing anyways? So weird!

Katie Elizabeth said...

Ugh that is the worst! We live in an apartment building but rarely hear our neighbors, thankfully. I would probably go with the note option. To actually confront her would be awkward for both of you I think!

Anonymous said...

I did the usual passive aggressive thing. I ignored it at first (my neighbors above have a dog who likes to bark early in the am)... and then I called the apartment manager and complained. The noise then stopped. Good luck, always an awkward situation.

jackie jade said...

I think saying the whole "sorry for us yelling" thing might be a good start and give her the opportunity to say sorry about the singing? if that doesn't help maybe say something about being able to hear her during certain hours (really early/late) and would love it if she could try to be a tad quieter and you'll do the same? ahh never an easy situation!
-- jackie - jade and oak

Megan @ Chicago Girl said...

Wow. I had this happen to me when I lived in Newport, RI. I lived in a gorgeous, old home, and had the first floor to myself. The first upstairs neighbor I had was a peach. Sweet, quiet, respectful. The new guy was having a midlife crisis. I hear him and his new gf all the time. Whether it was bedroom gymnastics, or fighting. It got to the point where I had many conversations with him, and finally I had it. I had a stern talking to with him, and I think he was embarrassed. This was after they fought at 2 am, and I was just fed up. No problems after that. I guess the "mom" talk worked.

Stephanie said...

Close living is hard! I can sometimes hear my neighbors on one side. Usually I just ignore it but if it's at an inappropriate time (like 3 am on a Tuesday) I'll just call the door guy! Then he tells them to be quiet, but they don't know which neighbor complained. hahaha