Monday, January 27, 2014

This Weekend Was Too Swift! (See What I Did There?)

Two favorite moments of an amazing weekend:

The first moment was when Andrew walked in the door from being gone all weekend. He was in New Orleans for a friend's bachelor party and brought me a gift!

Mmmm beignets from Cafe du Monde...YUM! They traveled pretty well, too!

And second, the moment I realized that I'm a better dancer than Miss Swift:

Have a happy week!


Ashley - Married to the Game said...

Taylor makes me feel better about my dance moves too!

Lauren said...

She's not dancing, she's just throwing invisible confetti, right?

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

She's giving all of us white girls a bad name with those dance moves.

And YUM to Cafe Dumonde!! Jealous!

Kristyn said...

She is such a terrible dancer. She tries, but it's just awful. Every person can dance better than her! HA!

I love Cafe Dumonde. I love New Orleans. Yummy!