Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Power of Pizza

Pizza holds so many memories for me.

OK fine, maybe the pizza itself doesn't hold anything but grease and mounds of mozzarella, but roll with me on this one.

Growing up we always had pizza and watched movies on Fridays. I remember arguing with my siblings over which pizza place to call, getting annoyed when coupons had expired, and scoffing when anyone suggested that we consume anything other than my weekly treat.

{Side note: yes, I have always been a fat kid. I fully admit it.}

To this day, ordering pizza and watching a movie is my favorite Friday activity. It is the perfect way to unwind after a long week. Give me sweatpants, a good movie and a pizza over happy hour or a night out any Friday. 

Sure, my tastes graduated from either milk or pop in my younger days to delicious brews today. 
But regardless of the beverage the same theme rings true: pizza accompanies memories.

Remember Book-It at school?
Or your friends' birthday parties at the local pizza parlor?
Fighting over the corner pieces with friends after the Friday night varsity basketball game?
Stuffing your face with it in college after a fun night out?
...eating the rest of it in the morning?

I don't usually remember particular pizzas, but I do remember some of my "firsts." 
For example, my first low-carb pizza was a sad experience.
Going to different cities and tasting their pies is always fun.
But my first slice of Chicago pizza?
That was priceless.

Yep, I was a happy gal.
My first slice was on a warm summer day at the Michigan Avenue Giordano's
I had to wait 45 minutes for that sucker to bake.
But my oh my was it worth it.

While I was stuffing my face with the stuffed pizza I heard that there were competing pizza parlors, all touting different specialties and combos! 
I had my work cut out for me for sure!
I have definitely had a good time sampling the best the city has to offer and I always ensure that any of my visitors take part as well.

So why am I writing an ode to pizza?
Well, I do have a reason, and no I'm not getting anything out of the deal so opinions are my own.

When Marriott contacted me to post an infographic about Chicago pizza I jumped at the chance.
OK fine, I thought it was a fun idea and then I immediately ordered a pizza and forgot to post it.
I mean, priorities, right?
But here I am, posting this today.

Anyway, had I seen this infographic upon moving to Chicago I would have felt less overwhelmed by all of the options.
I also would have felt educated!
Take a look!
(I dare you not to drool)


Is it Friday yet??

Do you have a favorite Chicago Deep Dish?
I love both Giordano's and Lou Malnati's but I still have many different places to try!

{This Infographic was Powered by Marriott.}


Katie Elizabeth said...

Haha I love this! I'm more of a thin crust kind of girl but I do love my deep dish every once in a while! Lou's is my favorite but my husbands is Giordano's so that usually wins out! Aaaand now I'm craving pizza :)

Rachel said...

This made me SO hungry while I was reading it!! Nothing better than hot fresh pizza :)

Betsy said...

Lou's is the best! Giordano's has nothing on them!

Stephanie said...

I love this post :) Lou's is my hands down favorite but I think I'm partial because I grew up in Lincolnwood - the birthplace of Lou's, the original, the best! (See? http://www.loumalnatis.com/About.aspx) It's my favorite part about my hometown!!

Brittany said...

I believe that last time we were in Chicago we had Ginos east but I want to try them all!!!