Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy Friday...but, uh, is it Sunday Yet?!?!

SO I'm really excited it's Friday for many reasons:
1) It's Friday. I mean, duh.
2) Andrew got a new job! We celebrated last night and plan to keep the party going all weekend!
3) Our friends are hosting a party for the MSU/Oregon game and we are stoked! I'm making Spartan helmet cookies! (Hey, I know I'm from Ohio but I married into a MSU family! I still like Ohio State, but since I didn't go there I never really followed the team until I left Columbus...and I followed them because I wanted something to talk about with my Columbus friends!)

So, college football is awesome. I truly do love waking up later on Saturdays, eating breakfast during College Game Day and watching football all day. It's awesome!

But Sundays? Oh boy.
Sundays to me are meant for three things: Mass, family and Steelers.
Go to Mass, hang out with the fam and watch the game/yell at the TV. Sundays are the best!
Seriously, I always WELCOME the end of summer because that means it's football season!!!

OK and here I go being even more obnoxious!
(all photos are sourced on my Pinterest board)

So, I ask again - is it Sunday yet?!?!

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Jessica said...

I hope you had a fabulous football weekend! my fiance and i have a very similar Sunday schedule. I had Ben as my QB in fantasy football this week && he did a great job for me. :]