Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Highlight Video and a Thank You

Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

This is my last post in the link-up, so it's not entirely happy on my end. I am sad that I will no longer participate in this wonderful community. As a reminder, Kristyn will host the link-up moving forward, so please continue your posts with her starting next week. I will still read your posts, of course, because I sure do love your content, so you aren't getting rid of me that easily ;)

I have written this post in my head many times, but never put thoughts to paper.
To write it made it seem
Also, everything in my head sounds so...dramatic. ;)
I am torn about how I feel right now. I'm actually shaking my head and rolling my eyes as I type.
The drama is palpable. Goodness I'm silly. This is just a link-up, after all!

But to me, this weekly theme has been more than a simple collection of words once a week.

Please indulge me, dear readers and fellow bloggers, as I say thank you...

...for joining me week in and week out.

Thank you for sharing your story, your own dramatic experiences, your own funny anecdotes, your own struggles, your own joys.

Thank you, as well, for reading my stories, providing words of encouragement, and for doing what every bride wants: no matter what the post was about, you always told me I was right. Gosh that felt good. Your support confirmed any wavering thought and stifled any lingering concerns. Not that I had a ton of worries, but still. I felt the love.

Thank you for respecting my choices and opinions. One of my favorite things about this link-up is the variety! All of us had (or is about to have!) very different themes, colors, traditions, etc. and I love how accepting the community was, and continues, to be.

(Oh and a very obvious thank you to everyone who came to the wedding! I know you got a note in the mail, but goodness that's not enough! It never will be! I mean, really, how can I appropriately thank you for contributing to the most important and lovely day of our lives?!?!? Thank you!!!)

Also, thank you for the compliments. Before I continue, I must preface that I loved everything about our day. We were happy with every decision, every unique feature, every last detail. The day really was the BEST ever to us! The only thing that I, alone, regret (again I am shaking my head and don't want to admit it but I'm trying to be "real" and write the "hard stuff") is that I was so unhappy with how fat I looked. Ugh. There. I said it. Our photos are beautiful, my hair and make-up looked fantastic, Andrew thought I looked gorgeous, guests (and readers!) overwhelmed me with compliments...but I couldn't get past how I felt that I looked: fat. I tried so hard to look slim and fit but gosh darn it, I did not. And I hate myself for thinking that...and for still not being able to get over it. Please know that I appreciate the compliments. In fact, posting as often as I did and hearing the compliments helped me get closer to accepting how I looked. Each sweet word was a step, so thank you and I'm sorry. I'm sorry if it ever seemed that I was fishing for compliments.

Well there it is. It took me until my last post to write my honest opinion of myself. I couldn't get over myself amid the beauty of the sacrament we celebrated and the fun of the party that continues to bring a smile to my face with every memory (and there are so many memories!). Ugh!
God is good, family is fantastic, friends are fabulous and the wedding was friggin' wonderful!
Everything was awesome except for my own vanity!

Alright, back to the fun!!!

Finally, thank you from the bottom of my wedding-loving heart for taking this journey with me.
It's been real, it's been fun...and it HAS been real fun!!!!

Here is a quick glimpse of our day (except the flash mob isn't in it! Want to see that incredible video? Click here!)

Andrew and Mary April 26, 2014 from Eye on the World Productions on Vimeo.

Thanks again :)

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Janelle {Undomestic Bliss} said...

Ha! Of course your last week of the linkup is the one where I finally get my act together!

I have loved getting to follow along as you've planned and relived your wedding. But I'm glad to see the linkup live on!

I know you aren't fishing for compliments but you're about to get them:) You looked absolutely beautiful in your pictures. You and Andrew look SO happy. But I know the struggle. I hate the way my chin looks in all of our pictures! Whenever I look at those pictures I just try focus on how beautiful the day was and how happy I felt instead of picking myself apart. But it's really hard!

Anonymous said...

This is so bittersweet and brought tears to my eyes. I will miss the days of you hosting the link-up and reading about all of your wedding greatness. Thanks so much for starting it, and I look forward to reading about other big life events :)

P!nky said...

I totally understand the drama. Ending wedding recaps is sad, because then it's truly 'over' in a sense. Now all the wedding talk is different.

Sweetie, you looked gorgeous! Just gorgeous! Don't let anything change that, because your smile and your joy radiated!

Rebecca said...

I will definitely miss your wedding posts! I've really enjoyed reading all about the details of your wedding!

Brita Long said...

I can't believe you won't be hosting this anymore. :( I haven't read all of your WW posts, but I plan on going back and reading the highlights. Thanks for keeping this up for so long!

And you truly do look absolutely stunning in all your photos.

Amye Mae said...

You've been a wonderful host, Mary! Thanks for all the online love, and sharing your beautiful day.

alorunner34 said...

I am brand new to the link-up so it's sad that you're on your way out. I'll have to catch up on your past posts to see all of your wedding excitement. Congrats on your big day!

Your post today has made me very excited to have found this community of bloggers! I can't wait to share my ideas, and read about everyone's plans!

Thanks for hosting such a fun linkup!

VivianBishopxo said...

You have been an amazing host, I am so sad to see your last wedding post. Reading them makes me so happy and so excited for my own wedding!

Kristyn said...

You were a gorgeous bride and I am so sad that you are no longer going to be linking up with us! It's the end of an era! Remember when we started this linkup early in 2013? HA! I am sad that you are done, but we all kind of knew that we wouldn't be hosting forever, right?

But really, you were a truly beautiful bride and you looked fantastic in all the pictures. Beautiful beautiful bride!

I hope you keep reading everyones wedding posts, even though you won't be linking up and I hope that you keep on blogging! I'm going to miss you!!!

Olivia said...

I love the video. Whether or not to have a videographer was something we really struggled with and I am so thankful we had one now. You miss so much without realizing it.

I have loved this link up and I will miss reading your posts.

And finally, YOU WERE A GORGEOUS BRIDE! I mean it with every ounce of my being!