Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Party Time (Reception, Part 2)

Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

This week is allllll about the party.
And party we DID.
(Well, this week is the first part of the party. The rest of the party deserves a post on its own!!!)

Last week we left off with the speeches.
After our meals and speeches the rest of the night was a blur!
...a blur full of laughter, happy tears and a whole lot of sweaty dancing!
Lots of photos, yet again! You were warned!!
(Unless otherwise noted, all photos are from Starling Studio)
(It's easy to tell which are from Instagram and which are from our photographer, though! Obviously!)

First of all, we cut some cake:

It was seriously delicious and what's better is that my friend from high school made it!

Then I ran around like a madwoman getting photos with certain groups of friends! Here is the order of how I know everyone, not necessarily the order in which they were taken:

Lifelong friends from my hometown:

Theta Nu/Otterbein College:

My first group of DC friends:

Georgetown friends (grad school):

My fabulously fun co-workers from my first job in Chicago:

Andrew's friends from Michigan State's newspaper, The State News 
(who I am so happy to call dear friends, too!):

...and many many many more photos with other small groups and individuals! 
It was fun but quite stressful trying to get a moment with everyone we wanted to!

But don't worry, we had some fun, too :)

My Dad and I kicked off the dance floor, waltzing to Carole King's Child of Mine:
(This is honestly one of my favorite pictures of the entire day!)

After a while of waltzing, though, I was frustrated with how much I kept messing up. Plus, I was focusing on the steps more than the moment with my Dad, so I gave up and just hugged my Dad for the rest of the song:

I'm listening to the song right now as I write.
My Dad is the best :)

Andrew and his Mom then danced to Sam Cooke's Nothing Can Change This Love:

And then we boogied!!

Quick little aside:
Amid the hubbub my cousin surprised me! 
My cousin Sam had just flown in from London that day, returning from his study abroad program. Only his parents and (I think?) siblings knew that he was planning to drive from Pittsburgh to the reception in Columbus! The whole extended family was so shocked! Two of Sam's buddies drove him from Pittsburgh so he could sleep off some of the jet lag! It was SO awesome that Sam was able to come and we were all so thankful to party with him!
I love that our photographer caught my moment of surprise, too:

 And then more dancing! The dance floor was packed all night, thanks to our amazing DJ (Tommy Nutter of Diamond Entertainment):


LOVE this:

And that's all for this week!

Next week I have a great post planned - it was a HUGE surprise to me and I can't wait to share!
Seriously. It's epic.

All non-Instagram photos from this post are from Starling Studio (you can tell which ones they are because they are beautiful photos!!!): website | Facebook

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Emily Southern said...

I love that you just hugged your daddy for the rest of your dance! That picture is too beautiful!!

P!nky said...

That father/daughter picture sequence is precious! So wonderful!

Meg Taylor said...

What a fun reception! How amazing is it that your photographer caught the moment of surprise with you and your cousin?? Fantastic photos!

Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC said...

such fun! that's so great that your cousin made it! what a nice surprise :)

Jenn said...

Love that you let yourself enjoy the moment with your dad! And so special that your cousin surprised you!

Rebecca said...

The ceiling of your reception space is stunning!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Love the pictures of you and your dad!

Unknown said...

What a fun reception! Love the dance with your dad!

Susan said...

HOLY CHANDELIER! OMG your venue was just as stunning as your church! I love the dancing pictures!!

Jasam said...

Oh my goshhhh!!! That ceiling and chandelier are to die for!! Sooo beautiful! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun dancing. That's awesome :-)