Friday, July 25, 2014

Thoughts from My Cat: 2

Before I share Teddy's musings throughout the week I must explain something about the image above.

 The "Meh..." thought bubble actually has two meanings, my friends.
You see, Teddy is rather laid back and carefree, in that from time to time he actively ignores us, doesn't come when we call his name, and doesn't greet us at the door.
(Other times he actually does and we wonder if we actually adopted a dog).

In addition to his sporadic lackadaisical behavior, Teddy has another trait that is quite unique to him.
He does not make a "meow" sound.
He sounds like he says, "Meh" every time he tries to meow.
The first time we heard it we thought he was hissing, when in fact he was talking to us
...or rather, "meh-ing" at us.

So now that you know, please feel free to read the thought bubble as you please, either as a "Meh, whatever," or "Meh" like he's talking to us.

Here's what Teddy thought about this week:

I see. 
So this is where you ignore me every night for hours on end, when I am at my cutest.
I will now join you at promptly two thirty every morning and announce my arrival so you can help me find the optimal location for me to rest my fur.
If such a location exists, I will reward you by purring.
If not, then I fear that only treats will calm me.

I recognize this. 
It smells of unknown origin and makes an odd sound when moved.
However, I fit perfectly inside, which means it is an acceptable object.
You may proceed with your activity, human, but be mindful that I am in here so as not to disrupt my comfort or my analysis of this object.

Hello, humans. 
I see you have returned and have not, as I assumed, abandoned me.
Even though your presence pleases me I will not move, but rather will allow you to approach me and pet me for approximately three seconds. 
If you exceed three seconds you will force me to Venus Fly Trap your hand into submission.
Welcome home.

Who is that fine-lookin' feline, Human?
He's devastatingly handsome.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Hahaha! This is golden!

Stephanie said...

hahaha "welcome home" Lord I love him, he's just so fluffy!

Betsy said...

For some reason I'm imaging him saying the "Hello, humans ..." paragraph in a somewhat haughty British accent. He's so cute.

Unknown said...

I also think he speaks in a British accent. Maybe that's why he mehs instead of meow. And what a vocabulary! He's very knowledgeable...

Rebecca said...

What is it with animals and laptops?? I have a dog and every time I get my laptop out, he just has to lay his head on the keyboard!

Miss Chelsea said...

unimpressed feline. Very unimpressed

Unknown said...

Oh! What a little lover!