Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Photos from Around Town

Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

First of all I am THRILLED that Kristyn is back to join the linkup this week! She and I started this linkup and I'm so excited to read her wedding recaps now that she's a Mrs., too!
Go to her blog and watch her wedding video. It's so wonderful!!

This week I'm excited to share some of my favorite photos, the posed ones around my hometown of Lancaster, Ohio and outside our reception venue in Columbus!

All photos are from our wonderful photographer, Tessa, from Starling Studio!

Yep, this is another photo-heavy post.
I would apologize, but I really don't want to, to be honest.
I feel bad when people apologize for posting a large number of photos.
Who's to say how many photos is too many?
I think no one should ever apologize for posting happy photos.
Why not share the happy?

Ladies, never apologize for celebrating your happiness.
You planned it. Your wedding celebrates you marrying the love of your life. It made you and everyone around you happy. You deserve to show it off.

And if you disagree, well, you're about to scroll through a photo-heavy post.
Sorry I'm not sorry. :)

Starting off, we are in downtown Lancaster at the idyllic gazebo in the square.
I have many memories in this area of town, so I squealed a little on the inside as I danced with Andrew in the gazebo.
Talk about a dream come true!

I thought that I would hate the photos of me posing with Andrew like I am in the below photo, but the feedback on Facebook was so overwhelmingly positive that it's now my profile picture.
Shocked, I tell you! Shocked!

Photos with the bridal party make me so happy.
These are our people.
7 states are represented in this photo.
How cool to have them all in one photo!

Lizzie is just so gosh darn adorable. I miss this little tike - excuse me! Big Girl! I miss her!

I seriously had the most breathtakingly beautiful bridesmaids (inside and out):

The dapper gents:

I still shake my head looking at this photo below.
She's too stinkin' cute, I almost can't handle it.

Then we headed a mile away to Rising Park, another place in Lancaster that holds countless memories. The flowers on the trees were in bloom, the sun was shining off of the pond, and the pictures were just plain pretty:

This photo below is a favorite.
This gorgeous photo almost makes me happy that the girls' dresses look more purple than the grey that I thought they would be and that their flowers were completely different than what I wanted.
(Some day I will get over these silly details.)

Andrew is the sweetest.

Tessa loved to take photos of me through the veil's blusher.
This is my favorite of them all.

My incredible siblings!

After the park the bridal party took our Fun Bus (seriously, that's the name of the company) up to Columbus for the reception at The Athletic Club. The ride was fun as we cranked the tunes, drank some cold beverages and stuffed our faces with snacks.

The rest of the photos are near The Athletic Club for a more "urban" feel.

I don't look fat in this one! Yippee!

Goodness I married a handsome man.

The blue brick looked so cool against the girls' dresses!

This is a big favorite, and the final one I'll leave you with today: my parents photo-bombing!!!
haha they are beyond awesome.

Have a great week!

All photos from this post are from Starling Studio: website | Facebook

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P!nky said...

These are so beautifully, perfect! Love your colors and the day looks amazing! You look so, so happy :)!

April said...

The photos of you in the park next to the water and trees are GORGEOUS! You are so pretty! Love all of these!

Ashley @ said...

Looks like you all had a blast! The top part of your dress is SUPER similar to my dress (shh.. don't tell my fiance). And I LOVE the color of the bridesmaid dresses!

Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC said...

you look so happy and i love your bridesmaids' dresses!

Meg Taylor said...

Absolutely amazing photos!!! I just love how you got both the town and city feel at the different sites :)

Ashleigh W. said...

Such gorgeous photos! You can really see the love between you two and everyone truly looks so stunning!

Amye Mae said...

I love the color of the bridesmaids dresses - definitely thought that was intention! Very soft and they work with the natural landscape and the urban background.
We found a blue brick wall for our engagement photos that came out pretty awesome too!

Rachel T. said...

I love the girls bouquets - that pop of purple! I love them all but really LOVE the one of you by yourself by the lake.

Susan said...

GIrl! Your pictures are STUNNING! Seriously - I love them all. And you are right! DO NOT apologize for showing off "too many" wedding pictures! Go for it! I missed last week's linkup but I"m back today! As always, thanks for hosting!

Anonymous said...

These are lovely. You were such a beautiful bride!

Susan said...

Mary Mary Mary! I do not know why it has taken me so long to congratulate you on being a Mrs.! You are such a gorgeous bride, oh my goodness, you look amazing and what beautiful photos of your very special day. I am so happy for you and Andrew, what a wonderful celebration and I am so happy for you both!

Ericka said...

LOVE all those photos!! You look amazing and the locations are perfect!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Stunning pictures! I adore your bridesmaids dresses!

Megan @ Chicago Girl said...

Love the pics!

Rebecca said...

What beautiful photos! I love the one of your veil billowing in the wind!

Jasam said...

Love the pictures!! The details of the room are so elegant. I especially like the intricate details of the ceiling, omgosh!