Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fingers Crossed

If you know me then you know my tendency to hate on myself: my body definitely takes some verbal beating on a daily basis. I know it could be worse and that I'm not actually fat, just fatter than I'd like. Chubby, really. Anyway, all of that to say that I'm proud of myself. I did something today that I haven't done since...gosh, I can't be sure how long...early college? High school?

I bought bikinis.
Yep. Me. The pale whale. I did it.

Why, all of a sudden? First of all, the one piece I have doesn't flatter me (I got it for free in a blog giveaway years ago). Second, the only other two piece I have is a tankini and that makes me feel like I'm 16. So when I saw that Old Navy was having a ridiculous sale I thought, "what the heck? If they don't fit, returning is easy!" So today on payday I spent about $50 on three suits. Yep, only $50 for all three! Unbelievable! I hope at least one looks somewhat decent, but if not, there's a store two blocks from work. If I only get store credit then so be it. Mama can always use a new necklace or two.

Here are the goods!

Fingers crossed they work out and that I'm brave enough to wear them!!

Have you found any good deals on swimwear?


Miss Chelsea said...

Love the little ruffles on the black one!

Rachel T. said...

Awesome deal! I spent a fortune on 3 bikinis from VSback in April for the honeymoon :-/ And you're beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

so cute! I think you are going to look amazing. You've worked hard and you need to stop hating on yourself--every time I see you or a picture I see a beautiful woman. Can't wait to see you in them! Take to the cottage for the weekend! Love you bunches

Ashley @ ladyacray.blogspot.com said...

I got a bikini from Macy's the other day for $15!! Total steal.

And when I start to get critical of my body, I try to remember back when I really was extremely tiny and how insecure I felt then. I try to remind myself that 10 years from now I may be ENVIOUS of my body I have today, so might as well appreciate it now and end the body-image-self-hate!

Also - get some good bronzer :-) A good tan can take your self esteem to high high places!

Jenn said...

I really love the purple/magenta one! I hope one or all of them work out!

Susan said...

I HATE swim suit shopping. With a passion. I tried to go out this year to find a new one and it was horrible. Seriously horrible. I ended up sticking with the my two go-to suits that I have had for years and years. Not sure what I'm going to do when they magically vanish...