Monday, March 19, 2012

Instagram Weekend Photo Link-Up


This weekend was completely packed full of fun. As I wrote in my Friday's Fancies post, I fully intended to make the most of the sassiest of holidays, and I think I did pretty well. Let's recap while linking up with a {little} dash of ash, shall we?

On Friday night, I went with a small group to see Jersey Shore the Musical at Studio Be in Lincoln Park. Yes, you read that correctly. A very funny group of people wrote a spoof musical of the "lovable" crew from the shore. I cracked up the whole time. Our programs got us a free drink at Trader Todd's down the street where I got to meet and pose with the cast.

You should have seen them in costume. From left to right: Pauly D. sneaking in, Snooki (she was incredible), Maureen (obviously not in the cast!), JWoww, moi, and Sammi

Obviously I couldn't leave without paying respect to The Situation.

Saturday morning Andrew and I ventured over to Wrigleyville for a rowdy party. It was the perfect start to the day.

I love the Old Style sign!

We hopped along to Murphy's Bleachers for solid people-watching and merriment in the sun.


And all day yesterday we watched basketball at my favorite bar, Justin's! I didn't snap any pictures and even though my Hoyas lost, it was a great time!


Have a good week!


callie ;) said...

glad you had a blast, and obviously i adored your semi-sober texts this weekend. hahaha, love you!

Victoria said...

what a fun weekend!!

i have been to murphys before,usually when i go toa cubs game :)

saying hi from one chicago-area girl to another!