Monday, March 26, 2012

Mary's Musings...Wednesday


Hi everyone! I absolutely intended to post this on Monday, but alas the week has gotten away from me.
[Wow I just had a flashback to high school when I said that I had "intended" to do some lame project and proceeded to make an excuse. Keeping in mind I went to a Catholic school, a teacher said to me, "You know, Mary, the road to Hell was paved with good intentions." I digress.]

For today's post I decided to share an article I read last week. It got me thinkin', lemme tell ya.

Refinery 29, a really fun style blog, posted an article on 3/22 called "10 Things You're Wearing That Could Kill You." Fully intrigued by my impending demise, I clicked through the slideshow to read some alarming fashion pitfalls. Some were, admittedly, quite Darwin Award-worthy, but most made me think twice about certain choices. Please read the quick article.

Now let's dissect. Here are some items that could cause harm:
  1. Scarves. Oh my. I am wearing a scarf right now. The next time I am in a car I will ensure that all garments are accounted for before operating or entering any vehicles. Some things are worth the risk, friends.
  2. Platform Shoes. No problem there. I may own heels and trip up stairs when I wear flats, but platforms are not my thing.
  3. Skinny jeans. Crap. I bought a pair at Target recently and love them. Tick tock.
  4. Oversized purses. Uh oh. My bag is huge, contains my computer and my life, and completely weighs me down. I feel like my right shoulder has an indent in it.
  5. Flip-flops. Noooo don't take those away from me! However, please see #2. Foot gear aside, maybe I should just focus on my posture, balance, and overall coordination. Baby steps.
  6. Cheap jewelry. Well, I guess this gives me even more reason to wear my pearls.
  7. Wedding rings. Not a problem right now, but it definitely made me think.
  8. Keratin. Can't afford it so I'm the in the clear! Whew!
  9. Expired beauty products. I'm absolutely certain I am guilty of this one. I also need to clean those pesky brushes...
  10. Colored contacts. God blessed me with these baby blues, so I'm all set there. But I hate contacts. They destroy my eyes anyway.
What do all of you think? Are you guilty of these habits too? Tell me I'm not alone! :)


Lucy The Valiant said...

Wait, skinny jeans and oversized bags can kill you? How...?
It's dangerous, being a girl! :)

Blue Dog Belle said...

Oh no... I'm in some trouble. Its crazy the things we do for fashion... but that's not stopping me, I carry a ridiculously heavy purse, wear scarfs all the time and flip flops? oh god, I don't know what I'd do with out them.