Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Little Bit of Class Tuesday


Well today I fully intended to post some class and possibly exude a bit. This morning I had a great workout, the sun was shining, and everything was looking up for the day. And then I failed to look down before sitting on a wet L seat. There is nothing classy about walking around in sodden pantalones from a mystery liquid. Thoroughly grossed out, I willed my pants to dry, prayed it was only water, and continued on with my day.

Andrew imagined that I looked like this upon my arrival at the office.


He knows me so well.

I was so busy at work that once my pants were dry I managed to forget about it...until I got on the L to come home and did a spastic examination before taking a seat. Lesson learned, friends. Lesson.Learned.

As if there needs to be another reason for a department store in walking distance from the office. Dear Nordstrom...


I'm still reeling from my "incident," as it were, and to block it out I will share a sunny picture from my walk to the Merchandise Mart L stop after work.

Fingers crossed tomorrow is a better day...and that I have a clean pair of jeans to wear to work.

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