Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Back When Wednesday...Just Not That Far Back

Hey gang!

Happy 4th! Yay America!

Today, instead of posting old pics of lil' 'ol me, I'm posting some recent ones because I haven't posted since Friday. So...way back when on Friday...

...I went to see Ben Folds Five at my church's block party! It was such a great time and the band was great!

On Saturday I got a much-needed hair cut and highlights
And now Andrew and I are enjoying a quiet 4th (OK it's not that quiet, we have a lot to do!)

Recipe via Betty Crocker! I made them for the holiday and to give to my friend the rest for doing me a favor. 

In other news...

This weekend we will be celebrating my big brother's wedding! 


Get ready for pictures! Follow me on Instagram for more! 

Have a Happy 4th, a happy weekend, and see you back here next week!

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