Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Way Back When Wednesday!

I love Wednesdays now, thanks to Rachel at You Just Can't Google Everything. Since I am attending and standing up in one of my absolute best friend's weddings this Saturday, I thought I would post some hilarious pictures of us over the years. Let's get this party started!

This would be a donut run. Since most of my readers have never heard of my alma mater, let me explain. There is an AMAZING bakery a stone's throw from Otterbein, and it opened at 1 a.m. Donut Runs became a tradition, and the picture above is me and some fellow pledge class sisters enjoying a late night snack. Cappello, the bride-to-be, is the one making the odd face. That's my girl!

Here we are dancing...I'm not sure why I'm dressed as a penguin and she's not dressed up, buuuut it was Halloween. Maybe we started the dance party before the party? Highly possible.

Here's our pledge class junior year. 

We went to Savannah for St. Patrick's Day senior year. Spring Break! Woo!!

I had just moved to DC, she had just moved to NYC, and here we are, celebrating a reunion at Mille & Al's in Adams Morgan. 

I have this one in a frame!

I could go on and on (seriously, you should see my Facebook pictures!), but I will leave you with this dance party. Molly, Douce, me, and Cappello. Dancing on a stage at Adobe Gilas. Doesn't get much better. 


callie ;) said...

sheesh, why didn't someone tell me to quit tanning in picture #6!

also, my guess on the one where you're dressed up like a penguin and cappello isn't dressed up at all? it was the time in winter when you made a snow fort and sat in it wearing your penguin costume. ;)

Mary said...

hahaha that's a pretty good guess, and I bet you're right!

Rachel said...

haha love the beers stuck in the shirts picture! Great pics thanks for linking up! :)

Chris said...

Love that you guys always have so much fun together!

Erin James said...

Such a cute idea for a linkup! I love all these pics :) Just stumbled upon your blog, now following and looking forward to reading more!

Have a good week, girl!