Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

Well hello!

Another wedding weekend is in the books! All three this month have been amazing - and different! I love how each couple represented themselves and their creativity with the decor, but most importantly, it was fun and inspiring to see our dear friends & fam so insanely happy! 

Here are a few pictures from the weekend!
(collage made in PicMonkey)

The weather was perfect for driving through the Ohio country, and even though it rained a bit on the wedding day, Cappello never looked more beautiful! You should have seen Chris when he saw her walk down the aisle - it was priceless. 

I also obviously thoroughly enjoyed catching up with my sorority sisters (top picture) - we certainly danced the night away!

If you're curious about what the couple are drinking in the middle-bottom picture, that would be 40s. Yes, we stopped the shuttle on the way to take pictures so the groomsmen could hop out and grab 40s for the bridal party from a drive-through liquor store. I lived the High Life all the way through downtown Canton, OH.

And finally, a quick story about this picture:

This, my dear friends, is the world's best photobomb. We saw this gentleman traverse the street in front of the shuttle only to walk past the happy couple, clad in jorts and displaying his recent purchase of heavy duty kitty litter. The groom later told us that the bright backpack contained a cat, as could only be surmised by the pathetic meowing coming from within. 

Oh, Ohio, how I've missed thee.

I hope all of your weekends were full of fun and laughter! My cheeks still hurt from all of the smiling!


callie ;) said...

we look like demonic sorority sisters with those shiny eyes! hahaha!

Mary said...

Ugh, I know! The red-eye function wasn't working properly, and looked worse when I applied it!

Chris said...

Your dress looks amazing... wish you could have shown us a full view of your dress! You have got so many weddings?!