Monday, July 16, 2012

Wee Bit from My Weekend

This weekend I had a great time relaxing in Chicago. And by relaxing I mean constantly refreshing my Facebook feed to see pictures from the two weddings I missed. Boo finances. I missed some good times with good friends in gorgeous gowns. Sad.Face.

However, I managed to squeeze in some fun (on the cheap!) this weekend. Here are a few pictures! 

Our friend was in town from DC, and we stopped to pose at the Adler Planetarium for city-scaped shots.

Sunday I was absolutely THRILLED to meet {av} from Long Distance Loving and 20 other Chicago Bloggers for Blogger Blitz Chicago!! We graced the roof deck of Market for some mid-day cocktails and chatting. 

How cute is {av} for providing all of this swag?!?!

Our view from the roof:

Here's the gang! It was really exciting to put names to faces and make connections with these talented ladies. I fully intend to add their blogs to my Google Reader. I hope we all meet again!

Me and {av}! Both of us are actually sporting our picks from the Tangerine Tango Friday's Fancies theme! 

The rest of the afternoon I joined Andrew for a shaded view of the Cubs game. Seriously, I wouldn't have lasted if we were in the sun!

I love this pic of Wrigley from Andrew's shades!

The white flag makes me happy! Cubs Win!

I hope all of your weeks are off to a good start...but it Friday yet?!?!


Cathy said...

Hi Mary! Loved meeting you at Blogger Blitz! How did it not come out that we're both from Ohio? I'm from Cleveland! Hope we can hang out again soon!

Susan said...

It was so great to meet you Mary! Glad you had fun at the Cubs game, so glad they pulled off a win!

Chris said...

So good to meet you on Sunday! Wish we could have chatted more... I was so busy sweating my booty off!

Mary said...

Thanks for the comments ladies, let's all meet up again soon!!!