Thursday, July 26, 2012

Little Bit of Sass Thursday


Sending some sass your way today:

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

I want and need this around my wrist.

Source: via Mary on Pinterest


Makes me think of Callie and Christina every time I see this.

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

A very caring person came up with this present idea.

Somebody's runway ready.

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Second favorite of the week.

And now, for my favorite:

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Have a great day, everyone!


Christina said...

love the grandpa pic!! of course callie and i would love it. the hangover present is awesome!!!

callie ;) said...


if i were creating a hangover present, i would put night-of and morning-after drinking binge gifts. like munchies and water for night of, and gatorade and potassium for morning after.

Susan said...

Haha that caution sign at the end! Love it!

henning love said...

haha love the jazz hands sign! too funny

DSR said...

The grandpa and orange signs are killing me. Too cute!