Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Whaddup, Wednesday?

Hey all!

No "back when" pictures to post today. I know you were all holding your breath in anticipation. Sorry to disappoint. (I need a sarcastic font).

I won't talk about the debate last night since I don't chat politics on my blog. I was a Poli Sci major in college and lived in DC for four years so rest assured that I do truly care and love politics, but I also love all of you and don't want our differences to get in the way of a lovely friendship.

All I will say about last night, especially post-debate, is: who needs to watch talking heads debate about the debate when I could just scroll through my Facebook News Feed? That was some colorful commentary last night, so thank you for the entertainment!

Before I send you off to Rachel's Giveaway where yours truly is lending a hand (and a Target gift card), please check out the cleverness that is

I'll leave you with this image and bid you a good day!



Susan said...

I know, my facebook exploded last night! Definitely more entertaining than some of the professional commentators, right? That image...priceless!

Stefani said...

Haha that was by far my favorite line from the debate last night..."binders full of women" is a tad bit sketchy.

New follower!! :-)

Stef @ Miss Jo and Co.

Kelly M. said...

I got sick of facebook during the debates and jumped right over to Twitter and tweeted my little heart out lol. Love the binder photo.