Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Marvelous Monotone


Happy Friday, party people!

I love the theme at long distance loving today, where we marvel over monotone colors.

Friday's Fancies Marvelous Monotone

I happen to think that mixing colors from the same family is so chic, clean, and classic.
It's like a triple threat, really.

Don't click through to see each individual piece. It's disgusting how expensive everything is, but goodness Burberry, Alexander Wang, and Christian Louboutin sure know their stuff.

Then again...
I would trip and fall after one step in those shoes.
And everything would be stained in coffee within minutes.
And I would probably lose that bag.
(That's a lie, if I had that bag I would grasp that sucker until my knuckles turned white and never let go.)

But a girl can dream.

Have a happy and fun weekend, friends!


Blue Dog Belle said...

gorgeous! I did the same color scheme for my friday fancies :)

Have a great weekend love!

xo, Emily

Sara said...

Stopping by from the Friday's Fancies link up. Love this outfit! You did a great job putting it together! Hope you have a great weekend!

Nicole Rene said...

Oooh such a sassy outfit! I looooove that ombre necklace it is gorgeous!

xoxo, Nicole Rene
Simply Savannah

Kelly M. said...

I love everything about that outfit. Please send to texas :-). Thanks for your comment on my post today. I will def be keeping my pinterest page (may change the name to just Kelly M.). I will def be writing one last post before I go offline.

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Nicole said...

Love the simple color that is jazzed up by quality pieces. Great eye! This would be a great look for upcoming (yikes!) holiday gatherings :)