Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall To-Dos

Happy Wednesday!

I forgot to take some pictures from "back when" for my usual Wednesday link-up. Oops. 

Thankfully, Callie posted a Fall To-Do List (apparently inspired by Katie at Keep Calm and Carry On), so I thought I would follow suit. I would like to do all of this by the end of the year. 


1. Spend less, save more. I need to afford plane tickets to see my family and Andrew's family over the holiday season. Need. I also need to buy presents. 

2. Only go out to lunch once a work week. This basically means I can have Subway once a week because I shouldn't spend more money than that.

3. Only eat out once a weekend. We'll see how well this works. It most likely won't. Chicago has some fine eats and I sure do like sampling them.

4. No more Groupons to gyms. I have enough classes at Core Fitness for a while. Variety will have to wait. (Although I REALLY want to check out the gym across the street from our building!!) 

5. Only buy coffee when we run out at home. Andrew's coffee is awesome and everything else is not that good anyway. Sorry Starbucks lovers, you haven't had anything until you've had an Andrew brew.

Exercise (and fine, I guess Eating Right)

1. I mean, so far so good. My goal on New Years Eve was to not look the same to ring in 2013. Heck, I've kept off the 20 pounds I lost during the 90 days of P90X and am more toned than ever now that I have a trainer. However, boot camp just ended (silly Daylight Savings and chilly mornings!). I still workout with my trainer once a week and attend a Train Like Jane class at least once a week, so I have to do P90X to fill up my time the rest of my workout days. I'm limiting myself to 5 a week to give my knees some rest. Fingers crossed I keep it up.

2. We eat really well when we cook...and we are kind of awesome in the kitchen, so we need to do this more and eat out less.  

3. I've been good about not snacking at work, especially the free stuff in the kitchen a mere stone's throw from my desk. Must keep this up. It's tough.

Work and Play

1. Get certified in Google Analytics. This is no easy feat with my work load, but I need to do it to be a more well-rounded analyst. I don't want to be pigeon-holed in social metrics (even though it's fun and always changing!).

2. Save up to get a pair of cognac boots. This is kind of a need since my current pairs are completely beat up.

3. Long weekend to DC: booked!!! Can't wait!

4. Don't hibernate. It's not winter yet. 

5. However, stay at home to watch MSU/Lions/Steelers. We have a stockpile of beer and a crock pot. We'll be just fine.

6. However x 2: get to a bar on a Sunday so we don't forget our roots lol

7. Cheer on the Nats and Tigers in the playoffs! SOOO excited for this! We would love to make it to a game, buuuuut it probably won't happen. Womp womp.

8. Head back to the Cheese Castle and Apple Orchard/Pumpkin Farm in Wisconsin. We're going a Saturday in October! Cider and Cider Donuts (and cheeeeese) here we come!


What about all of you? Any goals before the end of 2012?


callie ;) said...

fun list! when are you finally going to DC? hopefully while the weather is still nice. :) i'm so proud of you for sticking to your workout regimen and keeping those pounds off! it's hard to do when you travel as much as you guys did this summer!

Rachel said...

Great list of goals!

Keep those pics saved up for back when Wednesdays! I am going to revive the link up on the last Wednesday of this month! I know i said that last month but this time its official!

Stephanie said...

These are awesome and I think the cheese castle is probably one of my favorite places on earth. Get their little apple pie too, it's amazing!

Aimee L said...

LOVE this list!! I can't believe the Nats are in the playoffs...crazy! And Detroit too - did you know Verlander is from Richmond? I know his little league coach, and several people who went to HS with him.

I am gonna be in Chi-town the week of the 22nd of October for a couple of audits and one of them promised to bring us some cheese from Wisconsin - can't WAIT!!

Overall a great list :)

Allyson [Mimosas in the Morning] said...

What a great list! You definitely inspired me to make one of my own.

Rachel said...

Those definitely sound like enough goals to keep you busy! I know what you mean about cutting back on eating's not that I don't like cooking at home, but I really do love eating at different restaurants!