Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Little Bit of Class Tuesday

Well hello!

I'm going with my Emily Post theme again this Tuesday.
It's interesting to read the title of a section in the etiquette book and think, "Yeah, I know what I'm doing in that situation," only to realize that maybe there's a better way to handle it.

That's how this whole book is. It's awesome.

For example, how do you greet people you've never met?

No really, think about it. 
First impressions are a big deal as much as we pretend that they don't. 
The way we carry ourselves and treat others can make a long-lasting impact on those we meet. 

1. I don't know if I stand up every time I meet someone if I'm sitting at the time of their arrival. Emily says that if there isn't room to stand to briefly lift yourself up out of your chair, extend your hand and say, "Please excuse me for not standing. It's nice to meet you." This shows effort and sincerity and I sure hope I do this!

2. Smiling isn't a problem for me, but eye contact is. I'm so awkward! Emily, however, says that looking someone in the eye clearly shows that you're focused on them. I get it, but seriously I'm just awkward either way. 

3. "Say Your Greeting" means a simple, "Hello," or "It's a pleasure to meet you." If it's a peer I'd feel weird saying anything other than, "Hey, nice to meet you," but this is another thing to keep in mind for sure. Repeating the person's name with the greeting also helps you remember it. 

4. Finally, and/or if all else fails, shake hands. I know I can sometimes be a girly girl but I seriously hate the flaky hand shake from my fellow gal...you know, the equivalent to the half-hug, butt out, tons of space between you hug. Those are the worst. The wimpy handshake is a close second. It's simple: grab my hand, shake it a couple times, and let go! It's not that hard and chances are I'm more awkward than you are. You'll be fine and I won't think you're a dude.

Here's a little extra for those of use in colder climates (p. 13):

So there you have it! My not-so classy recap of the classy Emily Post greeting guidelines.

Curious about other ways to keep it classy in certain situations? 
Let me know because I bet Emily covers it!


Chris said...

You are not awkward! I hate a flaky hand shake... like hate it.

Stephanie said...

Definitely! All good tips. Blah I hate shaking hands though, gerrrrms. I try to get away with the hug or fist bump as often as possible. I'm a doctor's kid, and complain about flu germs, so people just think I'm quirky!