Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Update

{Linking up with Sami and Leeann today!}

Monday already? Say it's not so!

How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty uneventful, but lovely nonetheless.

Friday night we ate frozen pizza and watched Law & Order.
Don't make fun of me, you secretly wish you had done the same thing. (Right!?!)
Honestly it was awesome. It was so nice to sit and relax in some comfy pants.

Saturday I went to my first Barre class.
Holy soreness.
Have you ever tried it?


I went to Barre Bee Fit in River North. The instructor was amazing, the studio was swanky, and the exercises left me shaking and whining for the rest of the day. Fantastic workout. I'm thinking that once my Groupons run out for LA Boxing and Cross Fit I may nix my trainer at Core Fitness and get a membership at Barre Bee. We shall see. I may try a couple more classes before I commit to a full-blown membership. I hear it's great wedding prep, though. And the answer to your question is yes. Yes, I am addicted to Groupons for workout classes. I just talked myself out of one for yoga in my neighborhood. That was tough.

Saturday night I had a hot date with the heating pad.
(Hot from the heating pad! Get it?!?!)
Andrew and Teddy joined as well. Such a party, lemme tell ya.

Sunday I was a wee bit more active: I walked to Mass in the pretty snow and the Mass left me feeling inspired! The grocery store was pleasant (holler to free samples!), and little kids were sledding with their parents while dogs ran happily in the park outside our building. We made a delicious breakfast and then got to cleaning. Top to bottom our place is clean. Phew!

For dinner we put our crock pot to use and made All Recipe's Slow Cooker Texas Pulled Pork. Delicious! I put mine on a salad:


The rest of the evening was spent second-screening: watching the Super Bowl commercials and social media. I dislike both teams, and even though I really really really dislike the Ravens I cheered for them (as much as it pained me), because if the 49ers win that means they have as many rings as the Steelers. Not cool.

In other words:

Highlights of the evening:
Twitter comments re: GoDaddy, Doritos, and all things regarding the commercials.
The Budweiser commercial. I'm pretty sure most people teared up a little.
Brand reactions to the blackout. As a social media nerd, I got a kick out of two:

I'm such a dork. No, I do not work for these brands and am not promoting them. 
I just recognize awesome social media management when I see it. 

Anyway, that's my weekend in a nutshell. I'm going to watch the 4th quarter of a good game now.

What did you do this weekend? Any good Super Bowl parties?


jackie jade said...

thanks for stopping by my blog - following back! most of my weekend was spent in sweatpants, lounging around too so i feel ya! i've always wanted to try barre classes, but haven't yet. and i totally agree with grumpy cat on the game haha.
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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I did my first Barre classes two Saturdays ago and have yet to go back. It kicked my butt! I plan to go Wednesday though.

Thanks for linking up with us :)