Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Little Bit of Class Tuesday

Food in your teeth. 
Not classy.

How do you handle it?

Yesterday at lunch a few co-workers talked about having people tell them when they have food stuck in their teeth. Basically, if they have food they want someone to let them know! I couldn't agree more. Sometimes you don't know and then feel like an idiot later in the day when you go to the restroom only to find remnants. Again, not classy.

...and a blog post was born.

Of course Emily Post covers this situation!

Thanks again to Emily!

All this talk about food has me hungry and dreaming of dinner parties...

Source: reachli.com via Gemsie on Pinterest

Want to join me?

Curious about how to handle a sticky situation? Let me know and I'll "ask" Emily!

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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