Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Our Photographer!

Happy Wednesday and welcome to the new folks from the giveaway I'm hosting on Meg's blog!!

I'm very excited to share our photographer with all of you today!

Any couple planning a wedding has their planning priorities, and one of ours was absolutely our photographer. I definitely did my research: I went to WeddingWire, the knot, and asked friends. I interviewed about 18 photographers over the phone and kept a spreadsheet with notes. Then I ranked them and had a list of my top 11 photographers. My next task was to limit the list down to five photographers and then Andrew and I would decide together. Honestly, there were so many awesome options that getting them to five was tough! So I gave Andrew 6.

After all of that, within MINUTES Andrew identified his favorite. I either know him really well or he's incredibly decisive. 

Either way, I was pumped with his favorite since she was my fave all through the process. Literally seconds into our phone conversation I knew we would get along. We gabbed and gabbed before we talked about photography. She was so awesome over the phone that I wish we met in person! Not even half of the photographers I spoke with asked any personal questions about me and Andrew. I was advised by every source that it is essential for personalities to be compatible with the photographer since they'll be with us all day. Some photographers just described their packages over the phone and that was that. Booooring. 

Once we passed our favorite by my parents, I called her and she said yes! Yay!!!

Tessa from Starling Studio is our photographer!

She gave me permission to share some of her photos from her Facebook albums. It's very difficult to choose among all of the beautiful options, but here are a few:

We just love her style and the quality is exactly what we are looking for in our photos. 

Also, check out this wedding featured on the studio website: the reception was at our venue and those photos were a huge selling point!! So so so gorgeous!

So there you have it! We're pumped and can't wait to meet Tessa on our next trip to Ohio!


Blue Dog Belle said...

Oh, these are great!!! So excited to see you two looking all fancy :)

Betsy Transatlantically said...

I can't imagine having talked to so many - must have been exhausting! but connecting with your photographer is KEY and it must feel great to have found your perfect match :) can't wait to see how they come out!