Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Update!

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This weekend was fantastic!

Friday started by seeing Gatsby with the book club. We reread the book and saw the film together. We all loved it! I definitely want to see it again and I plan to buy it!

I got a drink for the movie, too! I love theaters with bars. Such a great idea!
Chicago readers: if you go to the AMC River East 21 on Illinois, their bar charges the same amount for well/rail liquor as they do top shelf liquor. Just an FYI. :)

And OK, I'm going to go out on a limb here. I never thought Leo was unattractive, but I never really got why girls went so gaga over him...until now. Gatsby was an awesome character for him. 
I think Leo is like George Clooney and wine: gets better with age.

Saturday morning I woke up for CrossFit! It was a great workout. The people are so supportive and friendly!

Afterward, Andrew and I went to Road Runner Sports so I could get new workout shoes through their Shoe Dog Program.

You guys. This was incredible. They tested everything about me, from the simple measurements to stride and flexibility, arches, balance, etc. They were looking at me for about 10 minutes! They made custom insoles that were molded to my feet, too. It was so cool! 

I found the perfect shoes!

The saleslady said this combo is the "perfect storm": custom insoles, the perfect fit of shoe, and their brand of Drymax Thin Cushion socks. I was a little skeptical, but my 8-ish mile run today sold me.

Plus, had I not liked any of it today on my run (or up to 30 days from now), I could return anything! I also became a VIP member and saved some money on my purchase!

Thanks to this investment, we stayed in on Saturday night. It was amazing just laying around, eating a lovely dinner, and watching TV.

Sunday was another nice day. We had fun chatting with our moms in the morning and Andrew made a delicious breakfast. Like I wrote above, I also went on a pleasant run around the city in my new kicks!

Teddy helped me stretch first.

Then I ran down to Adler Planetarium. It was so pretty outside!

When I got home, however, I noticed that the tickle in my throat from earlier in the day was officially hurting. Even with Claritin, cough drops, tons of water, and a quick nap, I was done for the day. Very disappointing. 

Oh well, in all is was a great weekend!

How was yours? Did you see Gatsby? What did you think?


Stephanie said...

Good to know about the liquor, thanks!
I do agree Leo gets better with age. But I've loved him since growing pains, so maybe I'm biased. Yes I was 7 so what.

Anonymous said...

I've heard several great reviews from people about the movie-- will definitely need to check it out now.

Lucy The Valiant said...

I seriously want to get shoes like that!! And gatsby looks fantastic, I can't wait to see it!

Olivia said...

I'm going to see it on Thursday! Can't wait! Hope you are feeling better!

Jessica Jensen said...

What a nice run that must have been! Sunshine and the water, couldn't be better. I'm a runner also and I need to look into some custom insoles. What's your experience with them? Do you notice a difference?

T&S said...

SOunds like you had a lot of fun this weekend.

I have never been to a movie theatres that sold any kind of alcohol. I am kind of intrigued.

Xo Lourdes